APL Introduces New Text Message Service

Every member of the Anderson Public Library can now renew a book or ask a librarian a question with just a simple text message as the library introduces a brand new text messaging service.

Called Gabbie, the service lets any person with a library card to not only receive notifications of due items or items placed on hold but also allows interaction with library staff through text messaging on a cell phone.  Assistant director, Alison Morgan, explained that the new service will allow easy access to library resources for people who highly utilize their cell phones.

“It’s a new method of socializing with the community, and we’re looking forward to hearing from people about it,” Alison explained.

The way Gabbie works is first members of the library will need to register their cell phone numbers with the library.  This can be accomplished either in person, over the phone, or online at the catalog.  For online registration, a cell phone number can be registered in the account info page at the online catalog after logging in and reminders can be set in the notifications page (click on screenshots below to see more).

Once registered, members can then send text messages to 502-369-3606 to chat with library staff during hours that the library is open. (Text message fees may apply depending on the carrier.)  During off hours, messages are saved and sent to library staff when the library reopens along with a confirmation message sent to the sender explaining the library is currently closed but the message was received.

If the option to receive notifications is also selected, members will then receive text messages when items they have borrowed are due or holds are ready for pickup.  Alison explained that the service integrates with the catalog system so members could send simple commands back to Gabbie to renew items automatically with just a simple text message.

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