Around the World with You – The Rest of the Story

Episode 1 - Cave Quest

How crazy is it that there were mummies in a cave in Lexington, Kentucky? Actually, it’s even crazier than you think!

Over 200 years ago, a local explorer, named Thomas Ashe, traveled around the area which is now known as Lexington. He stumbled upon a large cave that was over three hundred feet long, one hundred feet wide, and nineteen feet tall.

Inside, he found lots of bones, artifacts, and mummies. The mummies were either unusually large or small, and had red hair. Local Native Americans said that the mummies were from an ancient civilization that long disappeared.

But, what’s even weirder is that these mummies weren’t just found in Lexington. They have been found in many other famous Kentucky caves, including Mammoth Cave, Short Cave, and Salts Cave.

One of these mummies that became well known is called Fawn Hoof. She was found in Short Cave in 1813. In addition to red hair, she was wrapped in deerskin and was wearing lipstick!

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