Bringing Books to Your Door and More

If you can’t get to the Anderson Public Library, the library’s outreach service can come to you with a stack of books and more, all for free.  This also includes daycares and organizations around the county.

Deborah Perry, the outreach specialist at the library, travels all around the county taking books, magazines, and audiobooks to those who can’t easily get to the library on their own.  The service was developed originally as a bookmobile a number of years ago and turned into a full fledged outreach program where she brings materials right to your door.

During her visits every two weeks, those on Deborah’s route get a chance to talk with her. “Sometimes I might be the only person some people see in a whole week,” she said.

To sign up for the outreach service, any Anderson County resident can call Deborah at the library (502-839-6420) or visit the outreach service page and fill out the form.  After determining need, Deborah will take any book, magazine, or audiobook to your door every two weeks.  She’ll also help with registering for the Kentucky Talking Books program for those with visual impairments.

In addition to individual outreach, Deborah also goes to various organizations and daycares to provide books and fun programing.  For adults, she stops by at the Anderson County Senior Center as well as nursing homes and assisted living facilities, bringing instruments for songs and even a movie to watch.

For children, she stops by at the daycares in the county as well as Anderson County Head Start to read a story to the children and sing many songs.  “I really enjoy doing the programs,” Deborah said.

To inquire about receiving outreach services at your facility, call Deborah at the library (502-839-6420) or check out the outreach service page.

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