Donate Books Easily at the Friends Bookstore

Members of the community can now support the Anderson Public Library’s Friends of the Library by easily donating books using the library’s old book return drop box.

The Friends, which have a bookstore building behind the library, work to raise funds by selling donated books to help support literacy initiatives in Anderson County.  Through the years, they have accepted thousands of books donated to them to help their cause.

To help make donations easier, the library positioned the old blue book return drop box in front of the bookstore building after installing a new one during the renovation of the library.  Donations can now be easily accepted any time by placing books into the blue drop box.

The Friends accept hardcover and paperback books, games and puzzles, along with commercially produced CDs, MP3s, and DVDs in good condition.  They cannot accept damaged, yellowed, soiled, or moldy books, outdated materials, magazines, condensed books, encyclopedias/textbooks, computer games, VHS tapes, or vinyl records.

If you would like to purchase books at the Friends Bookstore, they hold sales periodically through the year.  For 2018, sales will be held on May 19th, June 23rd, August 4th, September 29th, and October 27th.

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