Family, Fun & Education on Monday Nights at the Library

Fun and education abounds on Monday nights at the Anderson Public Library.  For the Johnson family, it’s also like visiting family.

Tommy and Laura Johnson, along with their three daughters, Emerson, Eliza, and Everleigh, have been attending story times at the library for nine years, ever since their oldest daughter, Emerson, was a year old.

The Monday Family Fun Night programs have been a particular favorite for the Johnsons.  “It’s something fun to do with the girls,” Laura explained as she also mentioned that they enjoy the activities and play time.

But in addition to just the fun, they also enjoy the strong educational part designed by Sherry Noon, the library’s Youth and Family Services Manager.  “Every story that Ms Sherry reads or craft that is done has something to do with what’s going on in the week.  Whether it be National Rubber Duck Day or National Rain Day, she always incorporates whatever it is in that timeframe into what the kids do, and they remember that stuff,” Tommy said.

He also further said, “Everything here that Sherry and Donna sits out for the kids to do has an educational purpose or skill building behind it.  I think that’s what makes story time unique.”

And even more so, the Johnsons find Family Fun Night as like visiting family.  “Monday nights are our home,” Laura said as she explained that her daughters have been able to make new friends that they see in the community afterwards.  “It’s family time,” Tommy added.

Family Fun Night is held at the Anderson Public Library every Monday at 6pm.  It is geared for families with children of all ages, and registration is not required to attend.

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