Family Saves Thousands Using Library

As we finish up National Library Week for 2018, we’d like to highlight a family who has saved thousands of dollars utilizing the resources at the Anderson Public Library:

In addition to educational resources, the Anderson Public Library helps many families save money. With a wide selection of books, DVDs, programs, and other resources, the library saves Anderson County families thousands of dollars each year that would go to purchasing new books and resources.

One of these families is the Proctors. Bryan and Stephanie Proctor along with their three sons, Cameron, Isaiah and Bryce, visit the library weekly.  With each visit, they check out a minimum of 20 books, attend story time programs, and utilize technology at the library.

According to Bryan, the children love seeing how much they save by looking at their due date receipts, which lists their total savings, when they check out books. “The kids want to use their library cards because they want to see how much they save each week,” Bryan said.

They estimate that they have saved thousands of dollars just by checking out books.  When factoring the many other resources used to help them home school their children, the amount continues to rise.

Bryan, who serves as the library board of trustees president, also is self employed and has found the meeting rooms and technology options at the library to be very beneficial. “Being self employed, I work remotely and the meeting spaces are phenomenal,” he said, adding that these library resources are great for local businesses.

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