Find Your Ancestors for Free at APL

With just a few simple steps, any member of the Anderson Public Library can trace their ancestry using a free service through the library.  You may even be able to go back hundreds of years as one member has been able to do.

Sharon Pike, a member of the library, has been tracing her family lineage, looking at every generation to find more relatives.  Through HeritageQuest, a freely available service at the library, she was able to find out that she was related to Nicholas Meriwether in Jamestown, Virginia, who lived back in the 1600’s.  Her searching also led her to Germany where she was able to trace another line of her family back over 400 years ago.

“For genealogists, this is a great source,” Sharon said as she explained that HeritageQuest offers a variety of databases of historical documents.  From US Census records and city directories to books and war documents, Sharon was able to build a large collection of information about her family.  “It’s great to have [these resources] here where it is free,” she said.

Although she also uses paid for genealogy sites, Sharon credits the ability to confirm and corroborate data easily from the paid sites with HeritageQuest.  Being able to see actual scans of historical documents on HeritageQuest helps to eliminate errors.

The site also has access to other databases that can help researchers, including the Freedman’s Banks, grave site database, and a social security index.  Any member of the library can easily access HeritageQuest from home with just a library card number and clicking here.

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