Free Resume, Cover Letter Building and Much More

Are you looking to help build your career skills including writing a resume and cover letter?  The Anderson Public Library offers a great free service to members that will help build your career skills and much more.

According to Adults Librarian Laurel Sisler, the service, called Learning Express, has a number of great uses to help learners of all ages.  Some of the many modules it has available help elementary school children, high school students prepping for college entrance exams, adult learners, career builders, and more.

One of the modules that Laurel has found to help many adult members of the library has been the resume and cover letter builders.  According to Laurel, Learning Express will help you create both and let you download, share, and print them for free, which most other free resume services don’t allow.

“I’ve found a lot of people lately have been going on to these services that you can build a resume, but then you can’t share it, download it, or print it without paying fees,” Laurel said.

Another important module is an entire section devoted to help teach computer skills for adults.  Laurel explained that it guides members who are just starting with using a computer.  It also has more advanced training including an introduction to Microsoft Excel.

All of these services from Learning Express can easily be used for free at home.  Or, members interested in creating digital resumes or Microsoft Excel can attend classes taught by Laurel based on Learning Express.  The resumes class will be offered on March 7th and 21st from 11am to noon, and the Excel class will be held on March 14th from 11am to noon.

To check out all the services offered by Learning Express, click here.   It is also available through our Digital Resources page.

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    Anneke - March 16, 2018

    Thank you so much Lauren!! kisses

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    endibear - March 18, 2018

    Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed these.

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