Get Local News for Free with Just a Library Card

Are you tired of having to pay for a subscription to read local news online?  The Anderson Public Library is pleased to announce a brand new way to read the Lexington Herald-Leader and many more newspapers and news magazines online for free by just using a library card.

Called Newsbank, the digital resource offered through the library has just launched the ability for members of the library to read the most current edition of the Herald-Leader in full image form, which is just like reading the physical paper.  It also includes the ability to read it in text form as well as all the blog posts and web articles from the paper.

“It’s the entire newspaper, scanned,” assistant director of the library, Alison Morgan, said.  Alison explained that library members can read full pages of the paper, download specific pages, and even search for specific terms.

In addition to the Herald-Leader, Newsbank also has text based articles from 1,924 newspapers from all fifty states and five territories as well as 28 national news magazines like The Atlantic, Newsweek, Vanity Fair and more.  Locally, it includes editions from the Anderson News. “You are getting today’s news today. For free,” Alison said.

Alison explained that on top of being able to read current news articles through Newsbank, members can search through archives from all the sources they have available.  Some, like the Herald-Leader, go back decades, giving researchers easy access to information.

Newsbank also offers easier access to news on many topics.  Their Special Reports and Find a Topic pages allows researchers and students to find information on numerous topics from around the world.

Any member of the library can start reading the Lexington Herald-Leader for free by clicking here.  You can also find all the great Newsbank sources by going to the Digital Resources page and clicking on the newspapers section.

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