Great American Read to Showcase Top 100 Novels

Do you have a favorite novel or fictional work? Check out the new program on KET called the Great American Read where you have a chance to vote to select America’s most popular book.

The Great American Read is an eight part television series that highlights the top 100 most loved novels in America.  Launching on May 22nd, the new program will show how these books affect readers, and how they showcase our nation.

After the airing of the first episode, readers will get a chance to vote throughout the summer months for their most liked book from the top 100.  During this time, readers can stop by the Anderson Public Library and checkout many of the books listed in the top 100 before placing their vote.

The top 100 list contains a wide variety of books from many genres.  You can see the full list and more information about the program by clicking here.

The launch episode of the Great American Read will start at 9pm on May 22nd.  A full list of airings can be found here.

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