Helping Children to Read Through Fun Animated eBooks

Children of Anderson County can discover the fun of reading with some help from technology as Anderson Public Library offers entertaining and animated talking ebooks.

The service, called TumbleBooks, is a great resource for children to enjoy reading many children’s titles made into fun read alongs with animations. Children’s librarian, Sherry Noon, said, “Tumblebooks is a great way for kids to be read to.”

“It’s very easy for children to use,” Sherry said while explaining that TumbleBooks helps children by stimulating both visual and auditory learning techniques.  She also said that it helps build technology fluency as it allows children to pick out titles of books they want to read as well as offers other fun items like puzzles and games.

The service, which can be used on tablets through app stores or on computers with a web browser, is easy to access with just a library card number.  Once the card number is entered, children can access a wide variety of popular children’s titles along with discovering new authors.

To access Tumblebooks, visit their page here.  Links can also be found on this website on the Children’s Digital Resources page.

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