Inspiring Curiosity with Wonderopolis

Has your child ever asked a question that you don’t have an answer for?  There is an amazing resource for children of all ages to inspire their curiosity and wonder about the world by asking questions.

Called Wonderopolis, children get to learn by asking questions and reading answers on topics ranging from science and politics to history and geography.  Sherry Noon, Youth and Family Services Manager at Anderson Public Library, describes Wonderopolis as one of the best websites for children of Kindergarten age to all the way up to 12th grade to learn facts and more in an engaging and fun way.

Wonderopolis was originally created seven years ago in 2010 as part of the National Center for Family Learning, which is dedicated to helping adults and children learn together.  Based out of Louisville, the service has gone nationwide with children asking over 115,000 questions on dozens of different topics as well as interacting with the site.  And, over 1,900 questions have been highlighted as part of their daily “Wonders of the Day,” where a child’s question is highlighted and answered for all to read.

Sherry has found that the site allows children to explore and learn facts by engaging their curiosity.  Starting off with just one question, a child can learn new words and read answers to questions that they may not have yet thought about. “You can spend 30 minutes on it and learn tons of stuff,” Sherry said.

The service also has great resources for educators and home schooling parents.  Called “Wonder Ground,” there are lesson plans, classroom resources, leading educators, and much more available, which can help jumpstart critical thinking and enhance specific interest of students. There are also camps and curriculums available to further enhance education.

The content on Wonderopolis is multidisciplinary that aligns with common core state standards as well as the STEM educational quality framework and Bloom’s digital taxonomy for K-12th grades.  This allows for easy integration for educators.

To check out Wonderopolis, just click here or visit through the Digital Resources for Children page.  A library card isn’t necessary to use the service.

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