Inter Library Loan Service Resumes at APL

The Anderson Public Library is proud to announce that the inter library loan service has resumed at APL.

According to Kay Henninger and Donna Short at the library, the service was suspended back on September 1st of last year due to the planned move of the library from its temporary location to the newly renovated permanent facility on Main Street.

With the service resuming, members of the library will once again have access to a very wide selection of books and audio books from many different libraries. “Any books that we do not own, most of the time we can borrow from other libraries,” Donna explained.

The service, which corresponds with relaunching of the inter library loan courier service, allows any resident of Anderson County to check out books and audio books that would normally only be accessible from libraries in more highly populated counties.  To start an ILL request, contact the library at 502-839-6420.

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