Jewelry Maker Displays Work at Library

During the month of March, visitors to the Anderson Public Library will get to enjoy viewing an amazing exhibit showcasing the exquisite work of a Lawrenceburg jewelry maker.

Continuing the partnership with the Anderson County Arts Council, Tricia Crowe has displayed a large collection of her jewelry and glass creations at the library.  She has been making jewelry since 2009 by melting glass via a propane and oxygen torch.  She then creates her own beads and glass artwork and assembles them into beautiful creations.

Her art will be on display at the library through the month of March and can be viewed when entering the library from the parking lot entrance.  The arts council will also be holding a special reception at the library to celebrate the exhibit.  All are welcome to attend the reception which will be held on Thursday, March 5th, from 4:30pm to 6pm.  Refreshments will be provided.

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