Library Board Gives Special Farewell

The Anderson Public Library’s Board of Trustees gave a special farewell this week to a member of the board who has served for 15 years and will be leaving the board at the end of the month.

Jane Scott Bentley was appointed to the board of trustees back in 2002 and served eight years until 2010.  She was then re-appointed to the board a year later and served another seven years.

During this time, she contributed greatly to the library, helping to advocate for its mission in the community.  Even though she decided not to be re-appointed for the board, she plans to continue to promote the library.

“She will be dearly missed but we know that she’ll always be an advocate for the library,” Bryan Proctor, president of the board, said. “We appreciate all of her sacrifices to serve and give of her time.”

At her final board meeting that was held this week, the board presented her with a special commemorative plaque showing their gratitude for her years of service.  In her final statement to the board as a member, she said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed being on the library board.  It has been my pleasure to serve Anderson County and this library.”


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