Library Launches 3D Printer System for Members

Have you ever wanted to print a 3D object like you can print with ink on a piece of paper?  With support from the Friends of the Library, the Anderson Public Library is pleased to announce a 3D printing system which is now available for members to use.

A 3D printer is similar to a standard printer that puts ink on paper. But instead of ink, it utilizes a special plastic that it melts and builds on itself to create three dimensional items. 3D printers are great for creating small items and prototypes.

Using a 3D printer can be easy. There are many websites available that will let you download specially created files that tells a 3D printer how to build your item. Below are a number of the most popular sites:

If you know how to create your own 3D models, you can also create custom items utilizing the library’s 3D printer. All 3D models need to be saved in .STL file format.

All you need to do to use the library’s 3D printer is to create or find the 3D model that you want and submit the .STL file to this website.

Objects to be printed must be smaller than 8”x5”x5” and take less than 5 hours to print. Submissions must also follow the 3D printer policy and can only be printed in white PLA plastic.

After submitting your file, a library staff member will review the file to see if it is suitable for printing. If it is, a staff member will contact you to review the cost of printing. There is a minimum charge of $0.50 per print plus cost of the filament. All printing costs will be due at time of pick up.

The library will contact you when the printed object is ready. The library cannot guarantee a specific time or day when a print will be ready.

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