Library Launches New Resources for Authors

Are you an author with a story ready to be published?  The Anderson Public Library is pleased to announce brand new resources for local authors to help format their works and get more exposure through ebook distribution.

Through a new service called Biblioboard, the library is offering two new resources for authors.  The first, called PressBooks, allows local authors to format their work using professional standards, completely for free.  PressBooks will import text documents, assist in text layouts and image placement as well as cover design, and then export the completed file in industry standard formats like ePUB, MOBI and PDF.

The second resource allows authors with formatted ebook files like ePUB to distribute their work to Biblioboard so all members of the library can read their ebook.  Called SELFe, authors will be able to build their exposure locally as well as through the state if their work is chosen to be added to the Indie Kentucky Book Collection.

More information about these great new resources for authors can be found here.

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