Local Teen Traces Family Back to Late 1600s

An amazing local teen has been able to trace his family history back all the way to the Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600’s by using a number of sources available to members of the Anderson Public Library.

Carter Smith started his research just a few months ago after the Anderson Public Library reopened in January at its newly renovated and expanded location on Main Street when the materials of the Kentucky History Room once again became available for public access.  “He was so excited about this place opening,” his mother, Jennifer Smith, said.

Coming to the library after school, he started digging into his family’s past and found family ties going back hundreds of years.  “If you look into your history, you’ll find most of your family is into a lot of different things,” Carter said, noting that he found relatives that fought in World War II, World War I, and the Civil War.

Using the microfilm machine available to library members as well as several books and files in the Kentucky History Room of the Anderson Public Library, he was even able to discover that he was a descendent of one of the ladies that were hanged in the Salem Witch Trials back in the late 1600’s.

Carter attributes his passion to researching his family history to a family reunion he attended with his grand parents.  Having always been interested in history, the stories he heard from relatives at the reunion piqued his curiosity.

With most of his family settling in Anderson County and surrounding area, he was able to find a treasure trove of information at the library as well as at the Kentucky History Center in Frankfort.  He plans to continue researching to find out even more about his family’s past.

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