Offered Through Library Will Help Community

Anderson County High School media arts teacher, Steven McKaig, sees that the recent addition of courses offered for free through the Anderson Public Library will help members of the community. is a great educational resource that offers over 5,000 on-demand video courses ranging from design and technology, to business and much more. The thousands of courses are all taught by industry experts and can be watched on numerous devices including smartphones.

Steven has been using courses in the classroom as a way to supplement and keep up with the constant changes and new additions in the world of graphic design.  It also helps him stay a lesson ahead of his students.

In addition to helping with educating students, Steven feels that, which is now available freely to anyone with an Anderson Public Library card, will help the community.  “It’s going to make it available to people that it wasn’t available to before,” he said.

One of the features he felt that will be very useful to many is the ability to download courses and then watch them offline.  Because high speed internet connections aren’t always available in the rural areas of the county, he explained that it lets users the ability to download courses at places like the library and then watch them from home or anywhere else.

He also explained that the interface is easy to search and use.  It can also be used on many different kinds of devices, from laptops to tablets.

You can find out more about and how to watch any of the thousands of courses available for free (limit of 10 users at one time), by clicking here.

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