Member Celebrates 62nd Year Holding Library Card

A member of the Anderson Public Library has celebrated her 62nd year of holding a library card and checking out hundreds of books during the years.

Clara Rose Tingle moved to Anderson County when she was a young girl.  Coming from Jefferson County, she was used to the bigger city life, originally going to a three story elementary school.

Settling into the Alton region, her parents moved to Anderson County as they had lived here years before World War II and had relatives in the region.  Both her parents were avid readers, and so they brought young Clara in 1955 to the original Anderson Public Library on East Woodford Street, which is now the Anderson County History Museum, to register for a library card.

Coming from Jefferson County, the library wasn’t much bigger than the one she was used to in her old elementary school outside of Louisville.  But, she fell in love with it and was enthused to read.  From that point onward, Clara and her mother would checkout three books each and end up reading all six books every week. “I was an only child, so I wouldn’t know what I would do without books,” Clara said.

Through the years, she has continued to visit the library and browses just about every section.  From non-fiction to fiction, she reads many titles every year.  She also donates many books that she purchases to the library and the Friends of the Library as well as other organizations.

“The library is great, if you ask me,” Clara said as she explained how she also attends a number of the programs.  She has enjoyed arts and crafts as well as gardening at the Main Street location.

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