New Mobile Printing Service Announced

The Anderson Public Library is proud to announce a brand new service to bring remote and mobile printing to anyone in the local area.

Called Mobile Printing, the service lets anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer connected to the internet to print their documents directly at the library without having to physically be at the library. The prints can then be picked up at any time the library is open.

“Whether you’re working on a document from home or are somewhere else in the community, you can send your documents to print at the library from your personal device,” Pam Marks, director of the library, said. “The documents will be ready for you to release to the printer when you get to the library.”

In addition to remote printing, the service will also now let users within the library to print without having to use the public access computers. “We’re seeing an increase in students and adults coming into the library with their personal computers or tablets and needing to be able to print,” Pam added.

The service can be easily utilized by going to the new Mobile Printing page, entering your email address, and uploading a file (check here for supported files).  Mobile Printing can also be found directly on the library’s website by going to the Library Resources page.

In addition, files can be emailed to the service by sending attachments to for black and white prints or for color.  An app for iOS and Android devices to make it easier to print from those devices will be released soon.

After sending documents to the service, users go to the printing station in the library and enter their email address to retrieve their documents.  After paying for the printing, which is 15 cents per page for black and white and 50 cents per page for color, the documents will be printed.

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