New Video Conferencing Equipment Now Available

The Anderson Public Library is proud to announce a brand new video conferencing service available to use for free with just a library card.

In cooperation with the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives as well as the Department for Workforce Investment, the Anderson Public Library received a grant to purchase video conferencing equipment to be used by members of the community.

The equipment, which utilizes Skype, will allow users to connect with the Kentucky Career Centers virtually so they no longer need to travel to receive guidance on creating a resume, interview practice, etc.  The equipment can also be used for other general video conferencing needs including job interviews.

Elizabeth Swartz, Director of Community Education at the Anderson County Adult Learning Center, explained that the new system will be a great benefit for the community, especially those looking for a job.

“Having this system right here accessible to everyone in the county puts us in the 21st century,” she said.  “Being able to have a Skype interview here as oppose to somewhere in the west part of the county where the internet is not stable is amazing.  And it’s free.”

To use the video conferencing equipment, please contact the library at (502) 839-6420 to schedule an appointment.  To talk with a member of the Kentucky Career Centers with the equipment, an appointment must also be set with them.

Elizabeth Swartz, Director of Community Education at Anderson County Adult Learning Center


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