Space Camps to Blast Off with Lots of Fun

T minus 3, 2, 1, Blast off! Suit up and get ready for the Anderson Public Library’s new space camp programs for children starting in October.

The brand new program will feature fun and education as children ages 5 to 10 years old learn the skills and knowledge as they prepare for the launch of Summer Reading in Space 2019.  Held on the first Saturday of every month from October to June, the camps will encourage children to learn science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM).

Youth and Family Services Manager, Sherry Noon, explained, “STEM and STEAM are big right now in education,” adding that the new camps will help prepare students not only for Summer Reading in Space but also for further educational performance in any of the science and technology fields.

STEAM lessons as planned in the space camps help children focus on real-world issues by guiding them through the engineering design process. It also builds teamwork and immerse them in hands-on experience.

“You can talk about the planets, stars, and more, and I feel like they’ll be more prepared for summer reading,” she said. “I think preparation is the key to education.”

Each month, children will be tasked with creating a project that is space themed.  They will use tools and plan on how they will build their project.  In addition, Sherry will help them learn about space related topics like the solar system, constellations, and more.

The first three months of the program will be based on some holiday fun.  In October, children will get to carve pumpkins as if a meteorite hit it, and in November, they will construct erupting moon rocks out of baking soda and vinegar.  And Santa will turn into an astronaut in December as they make a Santa rocket ship.

With some extra holiday cheer, children will make edible space rockets out of a chocolate cone and candy in January.  For February and March, they will celebrate important birthdays like Galileo and his work in creating the telescope and Van Gogh for his Starry Night painting that has inspired many to look at the stars.

For April, May and June, space camp attendees will get crafty, making planets out of Easter eggs, drawing the constellation Pegasus, and designing a crescent moon out of buttons.

As the children attend each of the camps, they will keep their sights on the big launch coming for Summer Reading in Space 2019.  Many programs and projects will be revealed in the coming months.

In addition to the space camps, families will also get a chance to participate in the fun.  Each month during one of the Family Fun Night Story Times, the library will hold a space themed dinner.

These dinners will incorporate space education into story times dedicated for whole families. Some will include reading of different space books.

The dinners will vary in style from Lost in Space Dinner to Alien Green Beans.  Some will be a pot luck and others will be provided.

Sherry explained that the dinners will help the families that attend.  “The families are hungry when they get here, and we like to feed the whole body,” she said.

Both the camps and dinners are free to attend and registration is not required.

Upcoming Programs:

Space Camps (Ages 5-10) 11am – 12pm on Saturdays:

Pumpkin Carving With a Meteorite – Oct 6th
Erupting Moon Rocks – Nov 3rd
Santa in Outer Space – Dec 1st

Family Fun Night Space Theme (All Ages) from 6pm – 7pm:

Moon Pies – Oct 15th
Lost in Space Dinner – Nov 19th
When Pigs Fly – Dec 17th

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    Lynn Crothers - September 28, 2018

    The Youth and Family Services Manager, Sherry, is amazing. Anderson County Library has been blessed with a person full of creativity and kindness!

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