The Library: A Great Educational Resource

As we continue to celebrate National Library Week, we’d like to highlight another family who has found the Anderson Public Library to be a large part of the education for their children:

Jerry and Tyra Robinson, along with their six children, Lyrica, Harmony, Canaan, Andrew, Aria, and Tenor, not only enjoy coming to the Anderson Public Library but also enjoy the many educational resources available at the library.

According to Tyra, visits to the library are used many times for make up work or group work for school.  Their children also get to play on the children’s computers as well as have fun with puppets and story time activities.

Although they don’t get to visit the library every week, they do read many books.  During just the summer months, the children read anywhere between 150 to 200 books.

But, according to Tyra, one of the best resources at the library is the amazing staff.  “Ms Sherry Noon (Youth and Family Services Manager) is a phenomenal worker with our children. She has become a part of our family, a part of our learning family,” Tyra said.  “Ms Sherry has taken more interest in our children than anyone I have known that has worked at a library.”

Tyra is also very impressed with the story times offered at the library and that it has helped their children’s education. “I believe that our kids have gotten a jump on school because of that time,” she said.  Jerry also agrees and likes that preschool activities are offered: “I like the idea that the library does cater to preschool kids and toddlers so you have a variety of things for them.”

The Robinson children concur with their parents and enjoy the reading, activities, and educational opportunities at the library. “I love my library because there is a lot of space to do work and have a lot of time to read and spend time together,” Lyrica said.  Andrew adds, “It’s very educational, and we can come here and read books…And we have our own kid’s room for kids to play.”

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    AMANDA STOVALL - May 9, 2018

    The Robinsons are a wonderful family! And Ms. Sherry is pretty awesome, too! 🙂

    We’re looking forward to the events planned for the Summer Reading Program!
    Amanda J. Stovall
    (Brinkley & Kyler)

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