Watch the Super Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Residents of Anderson County will be in for an astronomical treat tomorrow into the 31st as there will be a super blue moon with a lunar eclipse.

Although not really blue, a blue moon is actually when two full moons happen in the same month.  With the coming of the new year, we experienced a full moon on New Year’s Day and will be having a second one on January 31st.

Coinciding with the blue moon is a super moon, which is when the moon is closest to the earth.  This will be happening on the 30th, in the early morning hours, the day before the blue moon.

In addition to all of this, there will also be a total lunar eclipse.  Although being in central Kentucky isn’t the best spot to view the eclipse and will only be seen as a partial eclipse here, you can still view it at its peak at 7:40am on the 31st while looking towards the west-northwest.  We’ll get to see just a few minutes of it before the moon sets.

For more information on super blue moon and lunar eclipse, check out this great article from  You can view the times of the eclipse here.

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