About Us


Anderson Public Library: inspiring curiosity, fueling imagination, and building community.

Core Values

Respect We believe in treating all members and co-workers with consideration, courtesy and honesty in an atmosphere that values diversity and the right to privacy
Lifelong Learning We believe literacy and lifelong learning enhance the quality and enjoyment of life
Information Access We believe members have the right to free and open access to all library collections and services
Quality Service We are committed to member service that is consistent and helpful provided by a friendly, responsive and knowledgeable staff
Stewardship We are committed to the most effective use of all resources entrusted to us by the public in an open and accountable environment
Innovation We are committed to using emerging technologies and resources to better meet current and future community and member needs

Our Vision

• An essential community resource that is well known, respected, trusted and valued
• Extensive programs, activities, and services at the library, throughout the community and on line  
• A modern, up-to-date facility with sufficient space and resources to meet community needs
• A stable, knowledgeable, well-trained, friendly staff
• Adequate and sustainable fiscal support from the community